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We supply high quality replacement laptop CPU fans for thousands of Intel laptop models. Our Intel laptop CPU cooling fans are designed for compatibility, you can rest assure that you are getting the best replacement fan for your Intel notebook. Choose your Intel laptop model or part number from below list and find the correct CPU cooling fan to replace the old part.

Choose laptop model or part number
Nuc Kit Nuc8i7beh
Nuc Kit Nuc8i3beh
Nuc Kit Nuc8i5beh
Nuc Kit Nuc10i3fnh
Nuc Kit Nuc10i5fnh
Nuc Kit Nuc10i7fnh
Nuc Kit Nuc8i3bek
Nuc Kit Nuc8i3bek2
Hades Canyon Nuc Nuc8i7hvk
Hades Canyon Nuc Nuc8i7hnk
Nuc M15 Lapbc710
Nuc M15 Lapbc510
Nuc Kit Nuc10i7fnk
Nuc Kit Nuc10i5fnk
Nuc Kit Nuc8i7beh1
Nuc 12 Enthusiast
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnhv5
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11pahi3
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11pahi5
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11pahi7
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11paki7
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11paki5
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11paki3
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnhi3
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnhi5
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnhi7
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnki3
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnki5
Nuc 11 Pro Kit Nuc11tnki7