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We supply high quality replacement laptop CPU fans for thousands of Huawei laptop models. Our Huawei laptop CPU cooling fans are designed for compatibility, you can rest assure that you are getting the best replacement fan for your Huawei notebook. Choose your Huawei laptop model or part number from below list and find the correct CPU cooling fan to replace the old part.

Choose laptop model or part number
Matebook X Pro 2021
Matebook X Pro Machd-wfe9q
Matebook X Pro Mach-w19
Matebook X Pro Mach-w29
Matebook X Pro Mach-wx9
Matebook 13 Wrtb-wfh9l
Matebook 13 Wrtb-wah9l
Matebook 13 Amd Hn-w19r
Matebook 13 Wrt-w29
Matebook 13 Wrt-w19e
Matebook 13 Wrt-w29e
Matebook D15 Bob-wah9p
Matebook D15 Bob-wae9p
Matebook D15 Boh-waq9r
Matebook D15 Boh-waq9rp