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We supply high quality replacement laptop CPU fans for thousands of Fujitsu laptop models. Our Fujitsu laptop CPU cooling fans are designed for compatibility, you can rest assure that you are getting the best replacement fan for your Fujitsu notebook. Choose your Fujitsu laptop model or part number from below list and find the correct CPU cooling fan to replace the old part.

Choose laptop model or part number
Lifebook P8010
Lifebook P8110
Lifebook P8020
Lifebook P8210
Lifebook P8410
Lifebook P770
Lifebook S760
Lifebook S769
Lifebook E752
Lifebook E751
Lifebook E780
Lifebook T730
Lifebook T731
Lifebook T900
Lifebook T901
Lifebook Ah550
Lifebook Ah551
Lifebook Ah701
Lifebook Sh760
Lifebook Sh560
Lifebook Sh771
Lifebook Nh900
Lifebook Th700
Lifebook Ah544
Lifebook Ah564
Lifebook A556
Lifebook A544
Lifebook A514
Lifebook A3110
Lifebook A3120
Lifebook A3130
Lifebook A3210
Lifebook A6010
Lifebook A6020
Lifebook A6025
Lifebook A6030
Lifebook A6110
Lifebook A6120
Lifebook N6460
Lifebook N6470
Lifebook S2210
Lifebook S6311
Lifebook S6410
Lifebook S6420
Lifebook S6510
Lifebook S7021
Lifebook S7110
Lifebook S7110d
Lifebook S7111
Lifebook N6410
Lifebook N6420
Lifebook E8110
Lifebook E8210
Lifebook E8410
Lifebook T2050
Lifebook T4210
Lifebook T4215
Lifebook T4220
Lifebook T5500
Lifebook S6421
Lifebook S6310
Lifebook S6520
Lifebook P771
Lifebook P701
Lifebook Ah555
Lifebook S751
Lifebook Sh761
Lifebook Sh561
Lifebook Ah530
Lifebook Ah531
Lifebook Ah532
Lifebook A530
Lifebook A531
Lifebook A532
Lifebook Lh532
Lifebook Lh522
Lifebook T726
Lifebook E544
Lifebook E546
Lifebook E554
Lifebook E556
Lifebook E734
Lifebook E733
Lifebook E736
Lifebook E743
Lifebook E744
Lifebook E746
Lifebook E754
Lifebook E756
Lifebook S792
Lifebook S781
Lifebook S761
Lifebook S782
Lifebook S762
Lifebook S752
Lifebook T5010
Lifebook T1010
Lifebook Fmv-r8270
Lifebook Fmv-r8250
Lifebook A555
Lifebook A555/g
Lifebook A557
Lifebook A357
Lifebook A556/g
Lifebook A512
Lifebook Ah512
Lifebook Ah502
Lifebook Ah530/gfx
Lifebook Ah530/hd6
Lifebook Ah531/gfo
Lifebook Ah532 Gfx
Lifebook Ah544/g32
Lifebook Ah552
Lifebook Ah552/sl
Lifebook Ah562
Lifebook S936
Lifebook S937
Lifebook S938
Lifebook E548
Lifebook E558
Lifebook E448
Lifebook E458
Lifebook T937
Lifebook T938
Lifebook P727
Lifebook P728
Lifebook U747
Lifebook U757
Lifebook U727
Lifebook U728
Lifebook U748
Lifebook U758
Lifebook E547
Lifebook E557
Lifebook E753
Lifebook E781
Lifebook E782
Lifebook Lh530
Lifebook Lh531
Lifebook N532
Lifebook Nh532
Lifebook N532/g21
Lifebook P702
Lifebook T904
Lifebook T935
Lifebook T936
Lifebook S935
Stylistic Q572
Stylistic Q775
Stylistic Q665
Stylistic Q736
Stylistic Q616
Stylistic Q555
Lifebook S904
Lifebook U772
Lifebook U904
Stylistic Q702
Lifebook Uh75
Lifebook Uh90
Lifebook Uh552
Lifebook Uh572
Lifebook T902
Lifebook Sh772
Lifebook Sh572
Lifebook T734
Lifebook T732
Lifebook U937
Lifebook U938
Lifebook U554
Lifebook U574
Lifebook Uh574
Lifebook T725
Lifebook E449
Lifebook E459
Lifebook E549
Lifebook E559
Lifebook T939
Lifebook U727 6th Gen
Lifebook U729x
Lifebook U747 6th Gen
Lifebook U757 6th Gen
Lifebook Uh554
Lifebook U729
Lifebook U7410
Lifebook U749
Lifebook U7510
Lifebook U759
Lifebook U745
Stylistic Q738
Stylistic Q739
Stylistic Q704
Lifebook E4411
Lifebook E4511
Lifebook E5410
Lifebook E5410 Thin Client
Lifebook E5411
Lifebook E5510
Lifebook E5511
Celsius Mobile H700
Lifebook Th77/e3